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Welcome to 1000 Acres

1000 Acres is a project aiming to regenerate areas of the UK scarred by industrial and commercial activities. We are working to create several natural havens in once green and beautiful areas, that have been damaged beyond recognition by planting trees, plants, wild flowers.

1000 Acres is a huge project, and we need support for the first phase, which will allow us to start on this endeavour and really make a positive environmental impact, so please support us today, and help us regenerate the damaged UK countryside!

Not For Profit

100% of donations to 1000 Acres are spent on the project, with no individual or business profiting

Native Plant Growth

Using native UK plant species to ensure the growth and restoration of these species throughout the country

Rejuvenate Land

Taking land damaged by commercial and industrial activity and restoring it to a natural haven

Support Bee Populations

Providing a pesticide-free environment to nationwide support for the declining UK bee population

1000 Acres

Rejuvenating the UK Natural Environment

Support our work to repair the damage caused by industrial and commercial activity by creating plant and wildlife havens 


Get involved with our project and help us to improve the UK environment

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, or simply to find out more about our project, please contact us

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