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Bees on Plants

Increase Bee Population

Bees are vital to the world. Without them, we would not have pollination of plants, decimating the plant population, with a resulting knock on effect for all of Earth’s inhabitants.


Their survival is vital to our survival, therefore, introducing them to new areas will benefit not just our project, but the UK as a whole.

UK Natural Plants

Native Plant Growth

Native plants have been routinely substituted for imported plants, either for aesthetic reasons, or due to the imported species being ‘higher yield’ commercial crops.


We aim to reintroduce native species, such as fruit trees, heathers and bluebells in a natural manner, to increase the national numbers of these wonderful plants.

Industrial Land

Rejuvenate Land

The UK has large areas of land devastated by antiquated industrial and commercial practices that are ceasing to be practical.


Taking this land and restoring it to its former natural state will enable us to bring back native species of plants and animals and reverse the effects of the past.

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Contribute to our cause

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Help the Bees and Insects – 5 Quick and Easy Tips You can act now and make a huge difference to the insect and bee population in your own garden, regardless of size. It is a well known fact that bees and other insects are vital for the pollination of plants, flowers and trees. It […]

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1000 Acres – Phase 1 – Our first 50 Acres

The start of the new 1000 Acres project will be an exciting adventure! Our aim to regenerate large areas of the UK countryside is one that we feel very strongly about, so instead of trying to do this in one large project, we are parcelling it into smaller, 50 acre, subplots. The first 50 Acres […]

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Welcome to 1000 Acres

Welcome to 1000 Acres – a project aiming to regenerate the areas of the UK countryside that have been scarred by industrial and commercial activities, a project that aims to save the diminishing areas of natural woodland, a project that is set on preserving ancient, and dwindling, species of flora and fauna in managed lots of […]

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