Sheffield Industrial Land Repair

Why Transform The Environment?

Climate Change is the single greatest threat facing the world and, while they are noble ventures, simply cutting down on waste, reducing energy consumption, and moving to renewable energy, will not on their own reverse this man-made disaster.

The Great Problem

If we reduce our production of all things that cause climate change, then we are still left with the pollutants that have led to huge climate disturbances worldwide. We need to start working to reverse this problem as well as preventing it to get worse.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are looking to purchase 1,000 Acres of industrial, brownfield, or industrial land and restore them to natural havens for native flauræ and faunæ. This will, in a small way, work to reversing the effects that humans have created since the industrial revolution.

Our work will be done in conjunction with experts in natural environments, as well as in partnership with local environmental associations to enable the areas to act as havens for wildlife, especially bees, to help reverse the woeful decline in the natural bee population.

We hope that this combination of rejuvenation of a previous scar upon the UK landscape, as well as introducing native plant species and bees will have a wide-reaching impact on the local environment, as well as contribute, even if only a small amount, to the reversal or reduction of climate change.

We are going to undertake projects across the UK, with a guarantee of 200 Acres in each of the four countries. These projects, once complete, will be handed over to local ‘trusts’ to continue the management of the projects.

1000 Acres is a not-for-profit social project run by Intuitive Change Consultancy Limited – A private company limited by guarantee, legally unable to make a profit, focussed on social, environmental and sustainability projects – further information is available at

Any income generated in terms of sponsorship, donations, or other revenue, will be spent directly on the purchase of land, plants and trees, or expenses, such as legal fees for the project to be completed.

Our First Project

Initially, we are looking to undertake projects in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, the site of awful street tree culling projects and site of multiple abandoned commercial and industrial sites.

This project will approximate 16 acres, and will involve the purchase of land, clearance of the entire area, and replanting.

You can join us

We understand that this is a grand undertaking, and so we will be doing this in ‘phases’. Phase one aims to get the first project funded to enable land purchase and clearance (including legal/planning fees), tree/plant purchase and planting, and upkeep of any species introduced to the area. This will also enable us to provide a ‘proof of concept’, enabling us to achieve sponsorship of future projects.

We are not offering ‘rewards’ for this project, as this will not be something that either produces income or products. however, all projects, once complete, will be run by local people, for the benefit of both local and national people with. the ultimate aim of providing areas that anyone can enjoy.